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Not all Career Guidance is the same

Set your students up for future success by helping them make the best decision now

Custom Career Guides

For High School Students

Get instant feedback on their unique potential.

Suggested career paths.

Tips to boost top strengths.

Find out the best work environments  for

their style

Dive deep into how they work best.


Early Direction

Science Backed

Accurate and Predictive

Why is our career assessment considered one of the best in North America?

Career Guidance is a science-based approach specifically designed for high school students. It provides personalized results and recommendations for each student to help them with career exploration, and post-secondary education decision-making.

Designed for Students


Our Career Guide provides early guidance with industry leading accuracy in career matching and personalized feedback tailored to students.

Backed by Science

Get Career Guidance is actually predictive and uses a science-based approach designed for high school students. Our methods are rooted in deep behavioral science, ensuring accuracy and predictability in every result.

Instant Results

Our self-serve Career Assessment can be easily taken from a phone, tablet or computer.  It only takes 6-8 minutes and your students will instantly get their personalized report with detailed results.


Unlike other career assessments that provide information about careers based on inputs from the individual,  All of the results are rooted in personal interests, strengths, weaknesses, unique working style and individual preferences. 

Predictive For Long Term Success

This comprehensive career guide is a future predictor of workplace happiness and career success


Setting Your
School Apart

Reputation As Leaders In Innovation

By offering the Career Guide from Get Career Guidance, your school demonstrates a commitment to innovation in education. This modern tool helps students navigate their career path, which can set your school apart from others in terms of providing comprehensive support for students' futures.

Drives better career and long-term outcomes for students

The Career Guide equips students with valuable insights into their strengths, work preferences, and potential career directions. By offering this resource, your high school actively invests in the success and long-term outcomes of your students.

Support for your teachers and counselors

The Career Guide provides additional support to your school's teachers and counselors. It offers an easy-to-administer, science-based approach to career development and planning, allowing educators to have meaningful conversations with students about their interests and aspirations. It provides educators with a comprehensive tool that can enhance their ability to guide students quickly and effectively.

Happy Parents!

Parents want the best opportunities for their children, and by offering this inclusive resource, your school shows a commitment to helping students explore their interests and make informed decisions about their career


Why Do Schools Trust Us?

The first career assessment designed specifically for students based on the proven scientific career results of millions of people

Built By Experts: Our backgrounds are in the science of predicting job success - by partnering with experts in behavioral science, career development, psychology, we’ve been able to build a solution that actually helps and provides real direction.

Millions Guided: We’ve spent nearly 20 years helping millions of people and many of the world’s largest employers.

Safe and Secure: We believe in the importance of keeping everyone's data secure. We want you to know that we will never sell information to anyone.  Privacy and trust mean everything to us, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in safeguarding yours and your student’s data.

Here’s a sneak peak of the series of questions
your students will be asked in the 6-8 minute assessment

Investing in the future of your students for a lifetime of impact.


For information on how to order, discounts or bulk pricing options, contact us by clicking the button below and we will be able to provide you with details on any available discounts or special offers for schools or educational institutions. 

You can also e-mail our team at


My Top 5 Traits

  • Risk Tolerance
    You are comfortable taking riskis in order to reach your goals.

  • Innovativeness
    You have an innate ability to think outside the box in new and innovative ways to solve problems.

  • Drive
    You are a self-starter who is very driven to achieve results.

  • Influencing Others
    You have a natural ability to influence the opinions and actions of others in a variety of situations.

  • Takes Leadership
    One of yourstrongest optitudes is your ability to lead in a wide variety of situations.

Tailored Career Insights

Tailored career guidance that fit who your students are.

Informed Decision-Making

Science-driven approach ensures clear, confident career decisions.

Less Stress

Reduces stress for students with clear guidance for career planning.

Investing in the future of your students for a lifetime of impact

Custom Career Guides For High School Students

Get Career Guidance provides a personal Career Fingerprint, tailored to your students' unique journey.


Deep Scientific Insight: Uncovering the full picture of your students.

Empower Your Students Today!

Beyond Generalizations: Identifying truly unique components, not just common elements.

Individual Treatment: Recognizing your students  as individuals, not statistics.

Purpose-Driven Creation: GCG, built specifically for high school students, fills a gap in accurate and predictive guidance.

Parent-Founded: Created by parents who understand the stress and confusion of this phase

Confidence and Clarity: Science-driven results that narrow down career directions, increasing clarity and decreasing stress.

Support your students as they plan for their future

Tailored Guides for Long Term Career Success.

(325) reviews

Individualized Results

Scientifically-Backed Assurance

Beyond Generic Solutions

Holistic Approach

Industry Leading Accuracy

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